Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I bring my dog?
    Yes, you can. As long as the dog is dry, clean and good with strangers in a shuttle bus. Please write us a note along with your booking when you bring your dog.
  2. Is the paddle for beginners?
    Yes, it is. No paddling skills are needed, just some common sense.
  3. Can I bring my own Personal Floating Device (PFD)?
    Yes, you can. Every paddler gets a PFD from us for the ride. We have them in all sizes. If you bring your own, even better.
  4. What if I capsize my boat?
    No boat capsizes when you always stay seated while on the river. Once you stand up in your canoe or kayak, physics kick in and your water vehicle will become quite tipsy up to the point where it tips. If that happens, stay with your boat, walk or swim or paddle to shore, flip it back again into normal and keep on paddling down the river.
  5. Does Edmonton Canoe provide food and drinking water?
    No, you bring your own food and beverages. Remember alcohol is not allowed by law in any water vehicle. A usual size cooler fits in all our canoes, not though in our kayaks. Make sure you bring your sunscreen as well.
  6. Is there free parking for my vehicle at all meeting locations? And washrooms?
    Yes and yes.
  7. Is it hard to paddle if I’m not in that good of a shape?
    No, since you go with the current, which is roughly 5 km/h. Even when you stop paddling for a while, the current brings you closer to the finish line.
  8. When I’ve booked and paid for my trip and then the weather forecast turns bad for the day of my trip, do I get my money back?
    You can cancel your booking and get a full refund minus $20.00 handling fee when you do so at least 72 hours before the trip starts. After that, you only get a refund when Edmonton Canoe has to call off the trip for any reasons. Speaking of weather conditions, we go RAIN OR SHINE. When the forecast shows dangerous conditions, though, like high winds, high water, a more than 70 % chance of a thunderstorm, hail or even snow, we call it off and will let you know via phone or email.
  9. Is Edmonton Canoe a club?
    No, we are not a club. You don’t have to be a member of any sort to paddle with us. We are open to the public.
  10. Can I just rent a canoe or kayak from you and go on my own trip?
    No, we don’t rent out our boats. We do scheduled trips which you can book here on our website.