What to do in Edmonton on a summer weekend?

Covid-19 update:

As of now and in compliance with the Alberta pandemic regulations, we are happy to announce that we have worked out a way to go paddling this summer as we have done so many summers before. That being said, this season we will be transporting not more than 14 paddlers at a time in our buses so everybody can keep a safe distance while riding the bus. If you want to skip the bus ride and take care of your own transportation, no problem. Give us a call on 780-668-5466 and we book you in without transportation for a $20 discount per boat.

The seating in our canoes provides a 2.2 metre distance between persons. However, we recommend to wear a face mask while paddling.

All touchpoints of our equipment and boats and for sure all our Personal Floating Devices will be disinfected before use. The school bus company we work with will show up with disinfected bus interior for every ride.

So let’s flatten the curve even further, stay healthy and go paddling!

Paddle a canoe or kayak down the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton. Above all, it’s outdoor fun for individuals, families and groups.

EDMONTON CANOE offers days of fun on the water from end of May to end of September in and around Edmonton.

Saturday Canoe           Saturday Kayak
Sunday Canoe              Sunday Kayak
Weekday Canoe & Kayak

Perfect for families with children, groups and individuals who are looking for outdoor things to do on a summer day in Edmonton. Check out our popular Saturday full day canoe or solo kayak trips. For example, paddle down the North Saskatchewan River from Devon to Edmonton. Or go Sunday afternoons and admire the Downtown Edmonton skyline. The current takes you on a 3 hour trip from Laurier Park to Capilano Park.

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On summer weekdays after work, you can enjoy your Happy Hour on the river. In other words, you drift through the downtown river valley, take your mind off the job and watch the sunset over Edmonton.

No paddling experience is necessary. You quickly learn how to steer your canoe or single kayak and, in addition, the current takes you downstream.

Furthermore, you can bring your own private canoe or kayak and we shuttle you and your boat up the river. From there you follow the current back to your car.