Weekday evening canoe and kayak

Weekday evenings we have a relaxed three-hour canoe and kayak trip from Laurier to Capilano Park. Please check our Click here to book your weekday trip for available dates, since we do not go every weekday. This tour can be tailored for corporate groups and family&friends events.

Shuttles depart from Capilano Park at 5 pm.

Happy Hour on the River

Unwind weekdays after work floating down the North Saskatchewan River on a summer evening in a tandem canoe or a solo kayak. You start your trip at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park, go past the downtown Edmonton skyline, the Convention Centre and underneath several bridges.

Weekday evenings we meet at 5 pm at Capilano Park main parking lot at the foot of 50th Street, South side of the river. Leave your vehicle here and board our bus for the 40-minute drive to Laurier Park.

Please note: With the beginning of September, all weekday trips meet at 5 pm at Dawson Park, NOT Capilano Park. Due to the days getting shorter, the paddle on the river is 3 km less and therefor you will be back at your vehicle in Dawson Park at around 8 pm.

To book a weekday trip for September, please call us at 780-470-5352 or email us at info@edmontoncanoe.com.

Click here for the trip’s itinerary

The fun begins when you launch your 2-person canoe or solo kayak and begin your journey down the river back to Capilano Park. Depending how fast the river is flowing and how much you want to paddle you can expect to be back at your vehicle around 9 pm.

Perfect for individuals and groups, ready for a good time on a summer evening, watching the sunset over Edmonton. These trips are not guided, you paddle at your own leisure. We supply the transportation and all necessary equipment, like boats, PFDs (personal floating devices), paddles, safety equipment. If you need a back rest stadium seat for extra comfort in your canoe please ask for that in your booking.

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